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The Progress Report


Roma v Palermo

This one might have been the date to circle on the calendar:

Which team is arguably most suited to countermeasures against our fair Roma?

Not a midterm, perhaps not even a report card, but rather the most difficult tactical question yet posed for the new system and, more importantly, the current standing/progress of the new system. Of course, injuries might render this thought somewhat moot, if Cassetti and Taddeiday are employed as fullbacks by sheer necessity, thus resulting in a brain aneurysm for Luis Enrique. This also may mean the fullbacks will be more cautious and tend to play more near the back line and less near the running track behind the opposing goal.

Long story short:

Palermo has the capability of pulling Roma apart at the back end, unless the good, literate ones can both shore up the quaking knees at the back and show some better efficiency in and around the net, now that Osvaldo and around the net.

You sort of get the feeling Daniele's agent is going to go straight to Tommy at the end of this one with the game tape and a simple request: blank check.




Cassetti, Burdisso, Heinze, Taddei
Pjanic, DDR, Pizarro
Bojan, Osvaldo, Lamela

RomaNews speculation. I speculate they'll be right Not sure which seven.