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Sweet Holy Moses, That Felt Good


Roma 1 - Palermo 0

Bojan's happy - are you happy?

I wasn't happy. Like many, I was subject to an hour or so of fruitlessly searching through hiccuping streams before then being subject to the AS Roma Late, Late Show. Which more resembles goalkeeper training than a delightfully frantic ebb & flow which then culminates in more Roma flow, less ebb, lots of goals.

That which I know is brief and possibly of no concern to the general football-loving public. But it's knowledge. I think. Which is the same as most can boast. I think.

  • I may still be suffering effects of derbyitis, but from the highlights, one of the main thing I noticed was the only person not to run over to the Lamela celebratory scrum was Mr. I Love Boca Juniors, Fernando Gago.

    I encourage all to make way more of this than necessary.

  • Stekelenburg was huge. (Apply that as broadly as desired.)

    In fact, he should collect all the paychecks but those of Lamela & DDR, from what I saw.

    (The keen mathematician in the crowd will delight in this.)

  • Someone bump Borini up a notch - stat.
  • Of note:

    i. Maaaarten's size.

    ii. David Pizarro's check-out-my-guns rolled up sleeves.

    Ask the opposition which has more of a psychological impact on the attempted execution of their game, and I guarantee there's a clear-cut answer.

    It's ii.

That's all. Hip hip Roma. Hip hip to the wonderful bastard who can find me a torrent.

And I'll leave you with multimedia, including Luis Enrique making faces.