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Only In Rome...


...could savaging a 3-0 lead somehow be topped on the old drama-meter: Claudio has resigned.

Fire up the theme music.

  • First off, just pasting from below:

    'Despite the photo - couldn't resist - I suspect it to be Conti. Serie A is a long, long fuckin way from schoolchildren.'

  • Furthermore, we have to think of Montella like a prized playing talent - stunting his growth when everyone and his mother knows Carlo Ancelotti is likely going to be the coach in the summer (if they don't make the Champions League, I suspect Roma is his exception - and he may relish returning Roma to glory from a starting point further back), doesn't seem logical, not least when it could fray relationships as well. This seems like a prime position for an interim tag which they expect to remain as such. You know, a 'fixer' type to come in and save the day for a short period.

    Someone like, oh....I think you see where this is going.

  • And if it is Montella, I've long been fascinated by the teammate-to-coach transition, thinking it to be...unadvised - and this before factoring in Roman-sized egos (ahem). At least we'd get to find out.
  • Well, that was quick: no decision tonight, wait til tomorrow.

    Nothing to see here, then.

So til tomorrow, as I suddenly realize the real, if unlikely, chance that the man named as AS Roma coach could be....Claudio Ranieri.