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Why We Watch


Udinese 1 - Roma 2

Expecting not a bang, but a whimper - several whimpers, mashed together thoughtlessly with tears and gelato - Roma did that one thing it always seems to do: snatch a draw, perhaps defeat, from the jaws of victory...only to then pull me right back in.

They always do.

Of course it's likely just a ruse and the script, written in the aforementioned tears, will have them lose fourth place by one point on the final day. But guess what?

Today, I don't really care.

This is why we watch; these singular moments of magic caught in time. The dreams of Totti's right foot as he spies the ball bounding into open space and the euphoric blackout which follows until memory is regained as they celebrate like children by the sideboards.

Who really cares about anything else right now?

Seventeen seconds.

Seventeen seconds of absolute magic.