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Remembering The Blackouts


A confession:

With seventeen seconds remaining on Saturday evening, there may have been yelling, there may have been screaming, clothing may have been removed during the mad, headless dash about the room and frantic phone calls may have been made through unintelligible babbling.

No particularly proud of this, am I.

However, it points to the overtly dramatic moments achieved by Roma in the last handful of years, of which there have been a fair few to extract actual emotion which doesn't involve odes to Stefano Guberti from this person. In fact, I can count on one hand the times I can recall having the same reaction over that same period. Though I do feel one is missing...

Oh, the memories.

The Chilean-Norwegian Miracle:

The Marco Andreolli:

Pit-Okaka Connection:

Rapid Fire:

Mirko No Pants:

Big Game Mirko:

Alright, I know something's missing. Help me out. (As though you can know.)