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Deja Vu All Over Again


Three things happened here last night:

i. Roma played Juventus at home.

ii. An above average-to-good Italian goalkeeper played lights out against Roma. Again.

Marco Storari, really, played lights out against Roma again. Were he to play Roma 38 games a year, he'd be Gigi Buffon or something....

iii. Nothing's changed.

Roma went through the first half as the better team, dominating the quality opportunities and peppering the goal with bullets. As they didn't score, there was a palatable letdown in the play in the second half. Partially Juve pushing back, but we've all seen this picture before: Roma conceded in the 45-60 frame. Barely, mind you, but they did, and with a defense in tatters. Perhaps because of the loss of Mexes, but the whole squad seemed to suffer a letdown in purpose in the wake of a hard-pressed but frustrating first half in which they were turned away by brilliant save after brilliant save, then sleepwalked through the second.

We've all seen this movie before. A lot.

I have nothing else.

The 4-2-3-1 is back, but so is old Roma. The mentality hasn't changed, nor has Montella changed anything - not that he could be expected to.

Overhaul forthcoming.