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Mourning Rugantino


I am fraught with crippling emotion. A lingering cloud passing through the sunshine of my life, AS Roma. Once, not long ago, full, robust and grand; today, they are hollow, lifeless and dying in my very arms.

Today, they are without great hair.

Philippe Mexes was lost for the season today, and with it, this club's one true champion of a properly world class coiffure. Now lacking in defensive strength, yes, but no less the tactical necessity of his bouncing blonde strands.

We also must ponder the very real possibility that this is it for Philippe Mexes as we know him: a Roman. Perhaps always a Roman in name, in identity, ever to be, but no longer a Roman in shirt.

Dismiss the horror until that moment should (hope to never) arise.

This is a cataclysmic loss for arguably the most consistent performer across this season and a backbone for the emotional fibers of this team across years, but arguably the loss of a pillar of Roma. Not quite Totti, not quite De Rossi, but the boy is Roman through and through.

And oh, the hair...