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The End Of The End Of An Era


Roma v Sampdoria

The ghost of Luciano lives on. It has lived on, and while the manipulator has changed, his aura has been hanging over this team.

That will end tonight.

Given his druthers, Vincenzo Montella would likely field a team which includes Doni, Cassetti, Juan, Burdisso, Riise, DDR, Pizarro, Taddei, Perrotta, Vucinic and Totti in the favored, flavored 4-2-3-1. The Romans are a different consideration entirely, but the rest are all staples, if not purchased within, the Spalletti regime. And after tomorrow, I, and I am likely not alone, get the distinct feeling this team will be nigh unrecognizable, if only the starting XI, and if only because teams of a certain stature tend to incur a significant changeover after ownership transition. Just the way it is.

And this is, though not entirely, a team tinged with Spalletti's calcio DNA.

For various reasons, next year's "on-pitch identity" will be different.

The game has meaning, and they need at least a point (which....come on), but this game has a grand significance. Tis truly the end of an era in more ways than one, more ways than one may realize.

The end of the end; tomorrow, but a mystery.

Enjoy what's left of it.


1 – Bogdan lobont

3 – Paolo Castellini

7- David Pizarro

9- Mirko Vucinic

10 – Francesco Totti

11- Rodrigo Taddei

15- Simone Loria

17 – John Arne Riise

20 – Simone Perrotta

22 – Marco Borriello

23 – Leandro Greco

25 – Guillermo Enio Burdisso

27 – Julio Sergio Bertagnoli

29 – Nicolas Andres Burdisso

30 – Simplicio Fabio Henrique

40 – Alex Daniel Pena

45 – Stefano Pettinari

47 – Gianluca Caprari

48 – Alessandro Florenzi

87- Aleandro Rosi

94 – Jeremy Menez


Rosi, Loria, Burdisso, Castellini
Perrotta, Pizarro, Simplicio
Vucinic, Totti

Errr....try and enjoy it, at least?