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@#$% I Want To Talk About


Roma 0 - Milan 0

Because that's all this really is, right?

  • Firstly, Vincenzo Montella likely negated any chance of becoming permanent coach.

    Much though I may not like it - Berlu doesn't care, it seems, however - money talks. Throwing a 17 year old kid on the pitch because he's got 'more desire' when there are @#$%ing millions of euros on the line in Europe will not sit lightly with American ownership, one would think.

    Because as we all know, all Americans care about is money.

    Menez may be pouty, difficult and a bit lazy, but there are two indisputable truths at hand:

    i. He has true, top drawer game-changing ability, particularly when the opposition is dominating possession with fullbacks that foray forward.
    ii. He kills Milan.

    So while it's too early to say Menez is gone, since his entire problem seems to be with Vincenzo, I dare say a move which arguably makes a point rather than chases supremely important points and money this late in the season is, in the eyes of The Suits, fucking stupid.

    One which will ultimately get you tossed back down to bus trips with the kiddies. Much though the idealist in me would like it to be the reverse, at this stage in the season, with this much on the play to win. And though the outcome may not, likely would not have changed, Menez was the move to play for the win.

    He will make a good coach one day. Today does not appear to be that day. Lessons are for training and teams that can afford to dole out lessons - Roma v Milan involved neither.

  • Aleandro Rosi is the poor man's Patrick Vieira - hear me out before losing your collective chapeaux (as well you should).

    At some point late in his career, he is going to lose the skills which make him what he is - nowhere near a prime Vieira, obviously - and, varying greatly from the other dude, that is his pace, running and general fitness. However, the rambunctiousness will remain, and at that point, he's going to be a fucking card-machine who just clatters guys he can't stop anymore with cheeky kicks, clotheslines and the occasional pipe wrench. In other words: Patrick Vieira, Inter Milan and beyond.

    Probably for a team fighting relegation. And surprisingly, it will be effective and fun to watch. Provided said team isn't Roma - for two reasons.

  • That said, he's not terrible and if he can tone down said 'rambunctiousness', has likely earned a roster spot for next season. Provided forty-seven new players aren't bought, which is also possible.

    Contemplating next year's roster gives me a migraine.

  • Gattuso and Brighi went in for a loose ball. Gattuso stood up. Brighi broke his leg.

    You've got to admit...the old man's still go it.

  • DDR, Perrotta and Brighi will all (likely) now be out for the double crunch games.

    This will not be pretty. At all. Simplicio and Pizarro did well briefly, but how easily did Milan adjust after the half?

    No. Not pretty. Unless it's too pretty, which will then make it less pretty as they get carved through in the midfield on the way back from goal. (Again.)

  • The defense was massive on the day, particularly in the center.

    Milan has the best defense in Serie A.

    Fuel for the 'they play to the level of their opponents' fire. (As if you needed any more kindling.)

  • Biggest top-of-the-table news on the day:

    Siena got promoted, thus Roma got their Serie A farm team back.

    Also, Milan mumble mumble.

Well, congrats - a deserving victory. More than can typically be said in this, the Serie of A.