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Stealing Bojan


Filling the looks-like-a-12yo-lesbian quota, aka Bojan

(Somebody please tell me that kid is not going to be cast as Jo for The Facts of Life movie. You just can't.)

The deal is golden, with ample sources. Mainly Wikipedia says so, therefore it must be true:


Now for some top-drawer insight:

I like this deal - the all-important words upon which the deal was hinging. Expect an announcement shortly.

However, I do not like that Barcelona will have a right to buy him back for a €5m profit on one of the elite talents in the game as player valuation shoots back to the Scrooge McDuck-on-a-bender days of the early 00's. €15m gets you a decent fullback and a half-eaten Jolly Rancher (not the good flavor - whatever it is) these days. It should not get you a Bojan who pans out.

Basically, I blame the English. Let's call this a Cesc Clause.

That's really it. Everyone knows about Bojan - he's supposed to score goals. That's his raison d'etre, no matter his starting position on the pitch in whichever system The Boss (still working on a nickname) fancies. Now we just immerse in the YouTube and wait to see if it happens.

Though don't immerse yourself too much - apparently dudes who look like 12 year old lesbians attract 12 year old lesbians.