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Monday Briefs. So Obviously Mirko's Involved.


On Mirko:

You can't buy this on the market, friends.

On The Boss:

Upon reading LE's blog, I have sudden and deep concerns for the B samples of Roma in the coming year(s).

On Okakachukamuthafucka:

New ownership, new system, new vision, new loyalties.

Players of size do evolve later, but the end of the road in Rome seems fast approaching. Astonishing he's only 21, but what's left - one more year on loan at best? There are perfect examples of keeping naturally talented strikers with size around for the long haul - two of them, M.B. and L.T., have played for Roma in the past two years - as they tend to develop more slowly, but it just seems...four loans without forcing a chance in the side on merit is quite much.

On mercato movement:

I'm bored - someone give me an official photo shoot-cum-cheesy thumbs up.

Like this.


On The Inbetwixt:

Having fun for awhile with something else while things evolve.