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Familiar Scenes


Home Trainwreck 0 - Away Trainwreck 0

Oh, the game too...

Isn't it funny how real life can often mimic fake life - currently deciding whether Roma is the real life and the day-to-day the fake life, or vice-versa - in times of, well, anything?

I was told something a couple months back by a wise person, who was once told a nugget of wisdom from yet another wise person. So there's lots of wisdom here - perk up, young'uns: "A wise person once told me 'Don't ever pray to God and ask for patience.' - I'm pretty sure this is what they were talking about."

I am not a patient person. In fact, I'm exceedingly impatient. Patience is not a virtue; it's not being smart enough to do something quickly and efficiently enough to nullify the need for patience. Just shut up and do it. (I'm a peach. Promise.)

Unless, of course, external circumstances prevent an immediate or acute solution to be applied for the long-term gain. Which is obviously a design flaw inherent in the Master Plan, but things do happen.

You know - like with Roma. Roma requires patience. Infinite amounts of it, as evidenced by Pablo Daniel Osvaldo getting even a whiff of the pitch. (Rodrigo Taddei was making more of an attacking contribution from the left.)

So fuck it. It's football. The Inter game was glorious, because they were better (obviously), but also, if they're going to try and fail, I'd rather it be with a 2-6-2 at the San Siro rather than getting ginsued at the back by Cagliari at the Olimpico.

Of course it helps that Inter failed too, as they were there for the taking if someone in a white shirt could just fucking run into the vicinity of the defense three.

Slightly problem in that a team even moderately decent would have utterly destroyed Roma on Saturday. I don't care how individually wonderful DDR/CB3 and Simon "Who's Philou?" Kjaer were at the back; they were equally there for the taking. Inter's that bad right now too. Simply two teams struggling to adapt not only to the tactics, but the productive use of said tactics.

And what happens in those circumstances? A nil-nil?

You don't say...

Two trainwrecks; but Roma seems to be building a better head of steam.

Baby steps.


  • Borini's going to be immense, and looks like the best flank option already this year. They should flog Osvaldo to the nearest suitor for couch change and ask Big Tommy for the rest to buy Fabio permanently.

    Then drop Totti into midfield, where he spent his weekend anyway, and line Fabio up top alongside Bojan on the left, Borriello in the middle and call it BoBoBo.

    Like that wouldn't sell t-shirts in Curva Sud as The White Stripes sue them for highly intellectual infringement. "Bo bo bo bo bo bo booooooooooooooo."

    Why aren't I running this club.

  • See above for commentary on Osvaldo's performance. Or just hit yourself in the face with the nearest blunt object. Either or.
  • I was honestly a bit baffled as to why Kjaer wasn't bought permanently in the summer, thinking it must involve financial aspects of the deal. (Maybe - why not just stagger the payments then if Wolfsburg was allowing the loan anyway?)

    Saturday was precisely why. Kid's a stud. The end.

  • This was actually the game where Luis Enrique probably should've taken off Totti instead of playing Borriello out wide, or something similar. Chalk it up to Maaaarten.
  • The only way to summarize the entirety of Daniele's 90 minutes on Saturday is this:

    Were he still able to produce life from his nethers, Romanisti of both genders would be lining up to have his children.

    Free Daniele!

  • Pjanic is the new Menez:

    "Came from France; needs a sandwich."

    The difference is Pjanic needs to be hit to go down. But still - he's taken a battering two weeks in a row. Is Ligue Eh that...precious? (Don't answer that.)

  • I like the symmetry of both Daniele and Francesco sitting much deeper than typical. I suspect history is littered with foreigners who've approached dealing with Roman employees/students by simply saying, "Push the Romans toward the back."
  • Someone needs to rip the hands off a statue in Rome and give them to Lobont, giving him softer hands and maybe, just maybe, allowing him to catch a ball.
  • Lucio's the most despicable player in football. There's little argument in that outside of Busquets and T. Motta defying biology in the near future.
  • Was anyone smart enough to tell Maaaarten when he awoke that it's 2005 and his name is Gianluigi Buffon?

    Probably not. Think outside the box, people.

As with many years in the recent past, there was little to separate Roma and Inter in 90 minutes. Unfortunately, the bar was simply that much lower for both, but nothing's changed in relation to the two.

Patience can be summed up, as ever with Roma, in four simple letters:


Balls-to-the-wall 1-6-3 on Thursday.