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Shining A New, More Dull Light


Playing The Devil Is Fun

So something happened today. Something rather big. Not directly involving Roma, but indirectly involving the perspective through which one views our fair shewolf: Inter lost to Novara. Rather huge for Novara, obviously, and even more huger (yes) for Gasperini's job status - if he still has one at the time one is reading this. But Inter didn't just lose - they were demolished.

This probably won't be terribly uplifting, but let's look at Inter's opponents in other games this year, shall we?

Milan: 2 draws - one at the Camp Nou, which was big - and a loss (at Napoli).
Palermo: Knocked out of the EL by Thun (Slovan 2.0, more or less), lost to Atalanta in Serie A.*
Roma: Lost to Cagliari, EL kayoed by Slovan.
Trabzonspor: Knocked out of the CL in earlier qualifying rounds by Benfica; drew with Athletic Bilbao before CL reinstatement because Fenerbahce was naughty; 1 point in 2 games in the Turkish Super League.
Novara: 2 games, 1 point (2-2 with Chievo).

* - Coaching change, horrendous pitch away. But work with me.

Do you know what these teams have in common? Outside of their games against Inter, none of them have won a game this year.

In fact, Roma is the only team to not beat Inter this year. Simmer with that for a moment.

I think Saturday's performance needs to be reassessed and reframed with this in mind: Inter's just that fucking horrible right now.

And maybe, just maybe, Roma's seemingly improved performance was indicative of such, and Inter's performances are indicative of just where Roma's really at, too. (And that ain't pretty.)

Perhaps this is cause for a moratorium on claims of "progress" and "improvements" until after Siena sits half of Tuscany behind the ball at the Olimpico on Thursday. Or not.