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Chiesa Di Totti Tunes: Part II

No actual games, so we copied the clubs idea and present you with our own playlists.

Dino Panato - Getty Images

As Chris alluded to, we've got some non-Roma time to fill over the next week-and-a-half. So allow me, CDTs resident hipster, to offer the next installment of Chiesa Di Totti Tunes. And before you ask, roll your eyes, or simply presume, I do not now, nor have I ever, worn skinny jeans.

So here's what is currently spewing from the 32GB micro SD card in my phone-I have always been a staunch anti-Apple person and will remain that way. I hate Apple products much in the same way Rodrigo Taddei hates appropriately lengthed shorts.

So without further ado, here is my somewhat serious, somewhat facetious, somewhat old, somewhat new list, with You Tube links where available.

1. Totti's Theme: King of The Beach by Wavves

  • If Serie A were a local surf break, he would surely be king of the beach, no?

2. Taddei Was a Good Day

  • I've mentioned this one on here before, but the symmetry (real and imagined) between Ice Cube and Taddei is patently obvious, right?

3. De Rossi's Theme: Inertiatic ESP by The Mars Volta

  • Because The Mars Volta write some of the most maniacal songs I've ever heard and I like to think of DDR at his best as unchained by conventional song structures, melodies or chord progressions-he's a loosely contained ball of chaos who can cut the oppositions heart out one minute, while rescuing Roma from the precipice of disaster the next. DeRossi's style, his true impact on the pitch, much like The Mars Volta, is esoteric and only understood by the most devout of fans.

4. Burdisso's Theme: Comeback Kid by Sleigh Bells

  • Don't be fooled by the pretty face, her music is pretty heavy.

5. Interpol-Slowhands

  • Because they're my absolute favorite band and because the New Roma requires a slow, steady hand to guide it.

6. Bloc Party-We're Not Good People

  • I suppose you can call this the Juventus theme song. It also makes an appearance on FIFA 13, one of the harder tracks Bloc Party has put out in recent times.

7. Does It Offend You, Yeah?-Dawn of The Dead

  • Not merely because Im watching a Walking Dead marathon as I write this; great group, great name, great party starter.

8. Foals-Balloons

  • No reason other than I love them and, once again, the maniacal, loosely structured nature of the song reminds me of Zeman's balls out attacking style of play.

9. The Killers-When You Were Young

  • Because I think this would make a great soundtrack to a career retrospective when Totti's career is over. I'm sure a day will come when someone at CDT will have to pen a farewell address to Er Purpone, but words can't really do his career justice; music, no matter your taste, can surmise 20 years worth of thoughts, feelings and emotions in mere seconds. Picture this song playing while visions of young Totti, semi-mulletted Totti and Totti 2.0 flash before your eyes.

10. Johnny Cash-One Piece at A Time

  • I don't know if they get classic American country music in Bohemia, but if they do, I'd like to think ZZ burnt a few Marlboro Reds to this one during his formative years. It also speaks to his ability to do a lot with very little.

11. Best Coast-Goodbye

  • My highs are high, my lows are low. The Roma experience defined.

12. She & Him-In The Sun

  • Like I said, I'm a hipster. She's our Marilyn Monroe and never looked better than in this video.

13. Vampire Weekend-Oxford Comma

  • A song vilifying people who defend a controversial piece of punctuation that also includes references to Lil' Jon and features a video directed by Moss from the IT Crowd? Sign me up.

14. Friendly Fires-Skeleton Boy

  • Another party starter, great video too

So thats it for my playlist, look out for our next International Break segment, CDT's favorite down home recipes.