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Roma Rumor Mongering: International Break Bulletts

It's been eight days since their last fixture, with another six to go. With that in mind, we take a look at the latest on the Roma rumor mill.

Claudio Villa - Getty Images

We're still six days away from Romas next match, an away fixture against Genoa, so in addition to sharing our playlists, let's share some Roma rumors and updates...because six days is a long time.

  • You'll never guess which Roman is subject to transfer rumors despite his recent contract extension? De Rossi, in part to his tiff with Zeman, is now being connected with PSG, Chelsea and, once again, Manchester City. Allow me to do the math... Supremely talented player + exaggerated drama + 24 hour news cycle = Incessant DeRossi transfer rumors. Wake me up when it's over
  • Speaking of De Rossi, David Pizzaro offers some constructive criticism. I wouldn't call it baseless, but it seems a tad unnecessary.
  • Roma and Juventus might arrange a swap, or in technical terms a ‘no givesies backsies', for Pablo Osvaldo and Fabio Quagliarella...oh wait, his agent is denying it? I'd put this in the "somewhat plausible" category, the salaries are comparable and with Destro gaining steam week-by-week, PDO might find himself SOL. But of all the rumors we read, the ones involving player swaps seem to have the worst success rate, in terms of, you know, actually happening.
  • Speaking of player swaps, Roma's madman, Nicolas Burdisso, is mentioned as a possible make weight for Fiorentina defender Facundo Roncaglia, along with a cool €5M. Prade has summarily denied this rumor, though from the Roman stance, the desire to ditch his salary, given his injury history and the semi-emergence of Marquinhos, makes sense. But anytime you can get a guy named 'Facundo' on your team, you do it, because its a fucking sweet name.
  • The Dodo may no longer be extinct. Our young Brazilian fullback has seen the practice pitch a bit more this week, prompting speculation he might make his Serie A debut this weekend, pushing Federico Balzaretti to the right flank. Obviously you want to be careful with such a young player recovering from injury, but if Roma can continue to get production from young, cost controlled players, more funds can be allocated to players normally seen as luxuries, making sustained success more likely.
  • Rolando reappears on the rumor mill, after a few months absence, Big Walt is once again tracking the Portuguese defender like he tracks his Marlboro bucks (do they still have those?). Word on the streets says its still a bit too early to tell, but this rumor appears to have some traction. Stay tuned.
  • Russian midfielder Alan Dzagoev ( warning) is being connected with Roma, though the price tag may soar north of €30M...thats a lot of rubles.
  • The Kjaer Comeback? Our Danish darling says he'd come running back to Roma. Arguments can be made that his talent was torn asunder by self doubt under LE, arguments can also be made that he's just not good. But if the price is right, a second chance might be worth the gamble.
  • Renato Kelic can be had for a mere €2M, the young Croatian would add to an already impressive stable of young defenders should Roma beat out the likes of Genoa, Sampdoria and Catania.
  • The match that never was won't die. A ruling in Cagliari's appeal of their 3-0 forfeiture to Roma is expected this weekend. Possible outcomes include a replay of the match or Cagliari being docked points, or possibly both. Tell me again why Roma should have to replay this match when they did nothing wrong?

So those are your early week rumors, you can get your Roma fix tomorrow as RomAzzurri take on Denmark tomorrow (see what I did there, clever, huh?).