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Explaining The New Setup

Does that make this Sunday School?

Claudio Villa - Getty Images

Alright, now that we have some time before German Denis FC rolls into town and has us all burying our tears in our new CdT-branded fluffy pillows (that's not just a promise - that's a threat), we should go over the new new digs. No, change isn't always popular, and for those people who struggle with change, well...this is why lethal injection exists.

Yes, there were initial stumbles, but that was because they gave the keys to me and I started swinging into mailboxes left and right like a drunken teenager, which offers a concise summation of my presence on the internets. Apologies and hopefully, things have become as smooth as a baby's bottom.

(Go away, Saba.)

The first thing to note is that much like Roma, this ain't a finished product - more an advanced beta. (Betta beta?) You'll notice a lot of little things either returning - such as recommended posts, which just landed today - or are emerging fresh from the internets' birth canal. Particularly little details. Things will be improved upon, tweaked and obviously a bespoke edition will be painstakingly produced for every single goddamn person on the internet, a'ight?

This is a journey. Won't you Journey with me? (Don't stop...)


  • At the top of the front page, you will notice a giant box. This is called...something. But it's used to feature stories. Mostly it will be used as usual, featuring the latest in one form or another, but from time to time, we may pin a special piece - such as when Jonas is finally arrested for his part in Totti Tuesday and we need everyone to make donations for his legal expenses over the course of 72 hours or so.
  • Everything will filter in reverse chronological order. And at least for now, everything will get filed under "Latest News" in the "Sections" drop-down menu underneath the main box on the front page - so if you fancy yourself an OG and like the old blog format, this might be your preferred bookmark.
  • Images have been substantially improved. Obviously. The image content, meanwhile, has regressed. Roma.
  • There is now a Videos section in that same "Sections" drop-down menu. Guess what's going to be in there.


    Go ahead.
  • There will also be a Photo Gallery setup. As soon as Getty filters through enough glamour shots of Nico Lopez wearing crotchless lederhosen and a 'come hither' look, this will be active. Very active.
  • The "Sections" portal may get a few additions, so watch that space. Hoping this thing will remain simple yet marginally evolve, like the human race.
  • There's an excellent new feature called a Story Stream. Basically, it's a way of organizing posts on a similar topic. For the purposes of Roma: a game, the transfer deadline, or Mattia Destro's haircuts. Clicking on the lightning bolt in a circle on the left will unfurl any collapsed posts. Useless updates might get tossed in there from time to time, which will be more newsy and won't feature comment boxes. It should be rather self-explanatory.

    And yes, I thought a Story Stream was an R. Kelly autobiographical song at first as well.
  • There is also a "Library" feature. I have no @#$%ing clue what this is for. Me to walk right by as I coast on natural ability? I dunno.
  • You'll notice, if you're lucky, that FanPosts, FanShots, Latest News and the poll are now staggered on the homepage. Fan____s can also be accessed in the "Community" dropdown menu.
  • The "Roster" link doesn't currently work. We know that. It's achieving symmetry with the actual rosa.
  • I believe all the commands for comments section are the same, but just to be sure, click on 'Show Speed Reading Tips & Settings' at the top of the comments box.
  • There is a whole lot wrong with the image for this post. Plenty of room for interpretation, too.
  • The mobile site, obviously a rather significant portion of this changeover, seems rather intuitive and straightforward. I realize this is the absolute incorrect assessment, but I'm going to run with it.
  • Funny thing: I met my second internet person this summer - one of the other CdT people - and secrets were released. I even confessed something as my non-superhero identity finally came spilling out: "Honestly? I hate sports." Honestly? I hate sports. Catch me...elsewhere, doing other things. Actually, another of our persons, Cupcakes, asked me recently if I follow any sports other than football: "I follow shit you can do in Switzerland when it snows. That's all." Tis true. Which means...risking lightning here...SBN isn't a site I would ever find myself normally simply based upon genre - I don't have a single sports-based bookmark outside of the football folder. But I've nonetheless been bouncing around SBN out of genuine interest and it appears everyone's upped their game due to the new changeover. Kind of definitely impressive.

    I suppose then we should too. Bugger.

    More, more, more. That too is a promise and a threat.

Feedback is, of course, welcome, but only if it's positive and glowing and you share equally with your neighbor.

Noted, however: I can't change a great deal, nor will I be able to fling every little idea at the higher-ups without with my next of kin having to identify my remains. Still, your words will be heard and that's all anybody wants, right?

But most importantly, once again...I like it, and that's all that matters. (They really need emoji here.)