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Roma 2 - Torino 0: Quick Look

Sneaking in a few thoughts before Totti Tuesday.

Paolo Bruno

Roma 2 - Torino 0

Torino's an excellent defensive side punching way above its weight. Solid victory.

Apologies for my verbosity.

  • Federico Balzaretti of late has become John Riise, but without the cannon, late game clutch or touch of ginger.

    So basically he runs a lot.
  • Osvaldo's hit rate is roughly 4% under Zeman. This is why cats like Ciro Immobile have season totals which look like career totals for most - chances will always flow like [some famous river that has a shitload of turbulent water]. Imagine if Pablo was clinical in front of net.
  • Mattia Destro ain't yet. Let's all pretend as though this performance of his never happened. (He is not, in any way, a lateral forward. He looks like a lost child searching for his mother and bubba anywhere but middle of the pitch.)
  • Equal to the three points, at least, Marquinhos' mandatory buyout clause was activated - after both payments 5m total. Which will look like even more of a steal when City, Real & Barca are throwing €30m at him in 4 years or so. This is clearly, even this early, the steal of Roma's recent mercato history. Walter's got his flaws, but spotting the odd diamond (occasionally in the rough) is well worth the, well, rest of the rough. (Though Castan reportedly gets an assist on this one for suggesting 'Hos.)
  • Stek in bad weather, Goicoechea in the good, Julio Sergio whenever a perm might benefit the situation, Bogdan Lobont when...well, I don't know where he fits into all of this. Possibly whenever peyote is in the equation. This should suit everyone nicely.
  • I can't quite figure out Piris. Not entirely sure I want to, either.
  • At some point we'll discuss the fall to reality of Florenzi - though still good - and how his call to La Nazionale would've made sense in October, but less so now. Because this patch ain't the last patch.
  • Pablo wore the armband. Let's all pretend like he wasn't the best choice among those on the field of play and move on.
  • If you're in the 'Why does Tachtsidis play?' camp, last night was the perfect example.
  • If you're in the 'Why does Tachtsidis play?' 'Pjanic needs minutes' camp, go get yourself a cookie. He and Lamela really throw a wrench into the right side by playing a more technical, considered brand of football when paired, though arguably one which would be less impacting against a side like Torino which defends with numbers and benefits when allowed time to get into position.
  • This was arguably a lesser Zemanlandia performance in terms of dynamism, if they seemingly are getting much better putting bodies into the box. However, the front line - Osvaldo and Lamela in particular - still seems hesitant to make a run beyond the defensive line unless the ball is already traveling that way, which obviously gives the defense that half-second to react. Perhaps a little bit of letting the playmakers find their runs rather than finding the passes is in order.

    I blame Enrique for this too. He can't get my @#$%ing dry cleaning correct either.
  • Walter's job seems a little less important in January with the rise of Marquinhos, and Piris seems to be getting his act together for the most part - or it's not falling apart catastrophically with each passing second anymore, at least -but a regista, even a backup, could be on order if ZZ doesn't feel like rotating DDR into that slot whenever Taxi inevitably blows his engine.
  • I'm of the opinion the penalty was a little harsh, but then I'm nice and sweet and "Awww, well you took an accidental tumble so it's okay and would you like a cupcake?" like that.
Good win. Good stuff. Grazie Roma. Yay. Christ it's nice not to simply say 'Roma happened' and start binge drinking chamomile tea.