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Winter Wishlist: What to Expect

JonAS Roma’s wonderful written wishlist for wobbling Roma (Sabatini: shut up, sit down, share a cig with Zeman and take notes)

Paolo Bruno

First up, a loan deal for Tallo and preferably Lopez as well. Together they played like 10 minutes in Serie A, way too few but understandable seeing our current roster. If both do leave on loan, we must ask the question if there is really need for an alternative. Pjanic and Marquinho can occupy the wide spots as well while Destro/Ozzy keep on fighting it out for the prima punta (and I'm loving every punch they're giving). Osvaldo might even take things too seriously given his history but one well brought pole dance by Destro means an instant KO nonetheless. Amish boy got some sweet moves. I like some names being linked with Roma such as Rossi and Dzagoev but they won't come cheap. Is the management prepared to buy big in January or will they go all-in in the summer? My money is on the latter. However, if Roma manages to bring in some cash by sales and decrease its total wages, don't bet against a surprise move. Which brings me immediately to point two:

Stek and Burdisso. In August, two pillars and leading men. Now? Two expendables who rumored to leave, thanks to Mauro and ‘Hos. The fact that both have a rather fat contract makes it all more bearable AND justified for the suits to say goodbye to them. IMO this only goes for one of them: Stek. He's wanted, still a household name and still young for a keeper. I keep saying it but Stek and Roma were just not meant for eachother. The signs were obvious from the beginning and he has never really made the keeper spot his own. We have never seen the Stek from Holland or Ajax. I'm not saying he has played good games for us, he did but not consistently. Admittedly, our defence this season seems more steady and solid than last season (cough Kjaer cough) due to less injuries and Zeman's fuck defense, just score mentality but I just have this feeling he will never be the keeper we all wanted him to be: a starting one. His price was ridiculous and a great bargain by Saba but I feel it's time to harvest. We can get the same amount, maybe even a little more if we push for it and Saba turns into badass mode 2.0. It's nothing personal, his contract has a big say in this as well. he would be a good 2nd choice but in dire financial times like these, we can't afford to let Stek rust on the bench. Give Mauro the green light, Lobont's contract ends in June and in the summer we can look for someone to fiddle with Mauro for that no1 spot. Besides, nearly all games with Mauro have been fun to watch no? Which suits all the better in Zemanlandia. Fun fun fun.

I think the midfield and defence don't need a lot of changes. Roma won six of its last seven games, they are on the right track. No need to change a winning team. Burdisso has to stay untill at least June, against Milan he showed he has still a lot to offer and I shit myself to death if Castan gets injured while Burdisso is sold. ‘Hos (18) and Romagnoli (17)? Might as well play my niece in goal, Dora the explorer as rightback and my semen (which has a lot of good football DNA) as left winger. No no no. Burdisso stays, period. As do Perrotta and Taddei, I love me some Perrotta and Taddei. Bitches love Perrotta and Taddei. You see, no one has actually done bad things to ‘earn' themselves a transfer out of Roma, they all seem happy men unlike the Vucinic, Cassano or Mancini cases. Keep it that way.

If I was Roma's sport director it would be a rather calm winter expect a loan here (Tallo) and a sale (Stek) there. How long has it been before Roma had a quiet mercato? I'll end with one of the first words I used in my first Totti Tuesday: ‘The kids are alright'.