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Help Wanted: Altar Boys (Not Creepy.)

This post now takes priority.

Part of the plan here is to add a couple more bloggers while those of us remaining from the cdt roundtable sit around the table with a bunch of merry wenches and sip from cauldrons - we don't mess around - of Jesus Juice. Thus, an announcement, classified, posting, whatever: I'm gauging interest of those who would like to contribute to the new site as bloggers.

There will need to be a contest of some sort, the extent and details of which I'm unsure, but it will probably (definitely) include flying to my abode and doing household chores while I determine your worthiness.

For now, throw a comment below making your interest known and depending on the number, I'll whip something up to decide a method by which to choose people - if it even gets that high - over the next couple of days. And fret not if you have a specific, rigid bent on the club - ZOMG!!!! !fluffyunicorns!!!!! Roma, wishy-washy with the tides (and DDR's playing time), highly cynical or even if Luis Enrique vicariously takes the brunt your self-loathing because they don't even let you have the plastic knives at the asylum anymore. Anything floats and having some contrasting opinions might be nice. (This is me, watching a famously, famously idiotic idea take shape despite the obvious mushroom cloud ahead and saying nonetheless, "Yeah, that sounds good.") No requirements save for solid English, not bothering me, a solid knowledge of Roma, not bothering me, and a willingness to piggyback Blogistuta to and from all of his daily activities.

Being able to play centerback for the senior squad is appreciated but not required.