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Let's Try This Again, Swamp Edition

Italy Soccer Serie A

Catania 1 - Roma 1, 64'

I'm going to throw a fit: this is stupid. Because, and if only because, teasing us with 30 minutes of Roma just isn't cool. How am I supposed to go on and enjoy the rest of my evening when I can't see Gabriel Heinze finally get his 432nd touch for the day? Or when I can't internally groan at the inevitable midfield substitute while championing his presence, especially if it's Glazed Sprinkles? Or what about my inevitable Bojan cameo? Is he going to get a proportional substitution? Will we see him for 97 seconds or something?

How am I supposed to go on? How?

I want ninety minutes, and I want it to make sense. And I want it as close to the original game as possible, so clearly everyone should be wearing floaties.


Roma has one sub, Catania has three - assuming none will be used unless the event of injury - while Potenza, Bergessio and Simplicio each have a yellow from the first go 'round. 25+ minutes of gametime. I think that just about covers it.

Also, the game starts just as it ended - with a Catania throw and Tagliavento being a twat.



Rosi, Juan, Heinze, Taddei
Greco, Gago, Pjanic
Lamela, Borini, Piscitella

Francesco and Daniele were substituted, which leaves Aleandro Rosi to carry the Roman torch.

Heaven help us.