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Genoa: On The Wings Of Borini

Getty Images

Roma v Genoa

The AS Roma matchday checklist:

  • DDR in the lineup, injury or traffic permitting: Maybe.
  • Match at home: Check.
  • Luis against a fresh face: Check.
This all points to the possibility, if not likelihood, of a draw. The inclusion of Fabio Borini in the starting eleven means they stand a chance at three points - what with scoring being a somewhat large component of victory.
The loss of Bogdan "Maarten Who?" Lobont from the lineup slinks those chances back down to a draw. Always ride the hot hand, Luis.

Sometimes, pictures spear far louder than words. More often, statistics belt like Metallica in the 80s.

Genoa's away form in 2011-12:

2-2-10, 15, 34, -19

Goals conceded in Serie A:

Genoa - 20th (48)

[Pause. Soak it in.]

Spalletti's Roma would've lost 3-0 yet cleaned the plate through the end of the season, finishing bridesmaid - or sum'fin. Enrique's Roma is likely to win 2-0 with goals from Borini and Osvaldo - standard fare - before embarking on a six match losing streak as they once again match like poles with that final Champions League slot.

Likely 'Leven

Taddei, Kjaer, Heinze, Angels
Gago, DDR, Greco
Borini, Osvaldo, Lamela

Out: Totti, Pjanic, Cassetti, Juan, Burdisso

Also out: Hopes for a consistently smooth passing game.

This one could be a bumpy, but fun, ride.