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Everyone's Sporting 'Mare: 'Mr. X' Comes To Town

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Mr. X

Seeing through the veil that is one of Giuseppe Rossi's passports.

Dear oh dear. A phrase which could be chiseled into the crest or Simon Kjaer's appendages at any moment. Walter Sabatini has gone and done a bad, bad thing: a cursory mention of a 'Mr. X'.

A signing of prominence rests on the horizon, they say. Well, that would lead to a few considerations:

i. A Bosman baby. Big names are proving a grande illusion, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. (They likely don't.)

ii. Neven Subotic before he gets to trial.

iii. A gent whose club is suckling at the pseudo-saggy teat of mediocrity at the absolute best. No one fighting for European placement wants to derail utterly crucial good jujus by prematurely announcing, or even making and tucking away with the hopes the good journos of the continent won't trade sexual favors for a bit of the juice, a sale; plus, the offer of continental calcio buoys negotiating positions.

iv. Someone 'cross the pond not Neymar, not Ganso, not eliciting much in the way of a response.


Everyone but attack, scruffy midfielders (DDR & Pjanic) and Maaaarten.

Probably validation, too.


Andre Villas-Boas.

Actually, news rumblings say it might be this gent, Paulinho of Corinthians. We clearly have differing definitions of greatness.


i. Borini's down 2-3 weeks. Fabio seems the type who can turn "2-3 weeks" into "I'll run this off later today" - though that doesn't make it likely. This means MoBojan and LaToOs, which sounds the moniker of a vaudeville drag queen.

ii. There are also rumblings that .Bojan's buyout has been lowered to 8m from 28m, and the season is not yet finished. Commentary in itself.

The loan signing was an excellent roll of the dice, particularly since they've profited 1m for what is effectively a two-year babysitting gig, but it became quite evident quite quickly the talent he holds worth 40m is in his genetic link to Lionel Messi.

There are worse ideas than punting 20m on a series of science experiments which could produce the next Leo. One of those ideas is thinking Bojan to be worth 20m right now; hell, he might not even be worth the 8m itself, if his talent is.

iii. Gabriel Heinze is officially out against Novara. This means a backline resembling something formerly lunch. Or...

Rosi, Kjaer, Cassetti, Taddei

No comment.