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Totti Tuesday: ‘The kids are alright, Giuseppe Scurto & Sangria’

TURIN, ITALY - MARCH 08:  Federico Viviani (L) of AS Roma celebrates his goal during the Juvenile TIM Cup final between Juventus FC and AS Roma  at Juventus Arena on March 8, 2012 in Turin, Italy.  (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)
TURIN, ITALY - MARCH 08: Federico Viviani (L) of AS Roma celebrates his goal during the Juvenile TIM Cup final between Juventus FC and AS Roma at Juventus Arena on March 8, 2012 in Turin, Italy. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Ciao! And welcome to my first official post on chiesaditotti! Unfortunately without the quintessential half nude (or fully nude, you would be surprised what you could find on the internet these days) Borriello pic but a boy must become a man some day. Besides, Roma already has Saba’s undying love for everything closely described as ‘kids’, ‘South-American’ and ‘decent talent’. I think we can do without my exaggerated manlove in here, or at least for a while (Juve are already cursing about their transfer of Marco so he’ll come back 99% in June).

Altough the new bloggers are free to post anytime they want, I myself would like to keep things simple and will post only on Tuesdays in the near future, as I mostly don’t have school those days and… well because I like frikkin’ Tuesdays! I also like the alliteration in the title, I must admit I loaned the idea from the Milan Offside a while ago, they had a weekly ‘Maldini Monday’. Ya know, that quite decent Italian LB/CB.

Which brings us to this fun fact of the day:
Maldini: 0 World Cups
Oddo/Materazzi/Grosso/Zaccardo: 1 World Cup

Or this one (courtesy of Wikipedia):
Loria: 3 goals in 15 Serie A games for Roma (one goal every 5 games)
Aldair: 20 in 415 games (one goal every 21 games)
Samuel: 9 in 122 games (one goal every 13,5 games)
Sebastiano Nela: 19 in 281 games (one goal every 15 games)

Conclusion: Loria is four times better than Aldair. Yes this Simone Loria.
Makes you wonder how many games Burdisso Jr would have scored for us if he stayed (more than Marco 15 000 Borriello I presume). It does give the meaning of the word ‘shiiiiiit’ a whole new perspective doesn’t it? And yes, I’m planning to win a Pulitzer Prize for my research some day.

Anyways, back to the point or better said, my points of last week:

- Speaking of kids earlier in my post, our Primavera won the Coppa Italia against Juve. Which is nice seeing the last time our Primavera won the Coppa, Totti was our captain and it was in ’94 (buffalo boots and Ace Of Base ftw!). Viviani better start growing hair on his balls if he wants to fill Francesco’s shoes one day. Our Primavera has now won 4 Coppe’s, more than Milan, Juve or Lazio. Congrats to coach Alberto De Rossi too, he’s like the Italian equivalent of LE but with a normal sized chin AND tactical knowledgde (obliged pun number one, the first of many more to come).

As I said in one of the previous posts of cdt, I hope Saba, Baldini and LE are all closely monitoring De Rossi’s work. A few South-American child prodigies here and there are nice but nothing compares to the DDR’s and Totti’s of this world…and S(k)inhead O’ Connor (obliged pun number two).

- agreement with Disney: I liked their movies as a kid, I like money now. Nuff said. As long as it benefits Roma and Totti doesn’t have to wear this, I’m fine. DiBenedetto and co want to make AS Roma an international brand, capitalism and all. Hey this is 2012, the Sensi days are behind us and money makes the world go round and brings you titles and CL obviously. I’m a Romanticist and I’m all for winning the CL with 11 homegrown players with money from the local butcher 100 feet from the Olimpico but a dream it stays nonetheless (and they would break the record amount of red cards in one CL game for sure).

- Milan game: To be honest, I didn’t watch it. I thought it was a 20.45 fixture but unfortunately they started at 18.00. I did watch a couple of minutes (hooray for crapy Romanian streams), read some reviews and watched some highlights and I back Chris: with the current LE tactic, Juan and Burdisso out and Kjaer being a big fat huge question mark before each game, we knew it was going to be tough. The 0-1 made us dream but it was a very lucky goal too. Anything else than a loss would have been considered ‘extra’ with the current shape this Roma team is in. We made Milan, scudetto 2010-2011 remind you, sweat at home and LE did a "I’m Ranieri b*tch" by subbing Totti and Borini at the same time. Baby steps but still, they remain baby steps.

I can’t give my fully detailed thoughts as I missed 99% of the game but if we don’t make the top 3 or 5, this defeat won’t be the reason we did. We already threw away valuable points in earlier stages (Cagliari, Bologna, Catania, Siena to name a few) while both Udine and Napoli drew on Sunday which makes it more bearable (Lazio won? Chi?). A loss in Milan is not the end of days. A Lazio fan making love to a horse instead of a goat however is.

Positive thing is that we now have a rather advantageous schedule coming up: Novara (H), Lecce (A), Udine and Fiorentina (both H). Making up 4 points during these 4 four games is not unthinkable (next weekend is Juve-Napoli while Lazio and Udine also have tricky away games) but then again, with Roma anno 2012 everthing is possible. I can still see Pit bitchslapping Marquinho and teaching him how to cross from the left (Okaka can justify his cause) on Trigoria one of these days. All this while John Arne Riise is eating making a sandwich on the sidelines.

So let’s not look into this loss too much shall we? Next week Novara’s coming to town and guess what? If Kjaer doesn’t make it, a DDR-Cassetti CB duo is not, I repeat NOT, unlikely. Somewhere, Giuseppe Scurto is crying. Ah la mia Roma… Well, it’s only Novara right? Right? Onwards and upwards gents.

- Final titbit: you probably all have seen the standings in Serie A after the first 45 minutes.

You can find them here.

In those standings, Roma would be prima punta with 55 points. I know there are pro’s and con’s concerning statistics but this one just has ‘WHERE THE FUCK ARE OUR MENTAL AND ATHLETIC COACHES’ written all over it. Does anyone still know if they’re alive? Both are Sangria-nipping Spaniards by the way. Methinks Italian studs Baldini and Saba need to have a word with LE & friends this week. Just for the drama of it.

That’s about it for this week guys. Ciao!

"Francesco Totti is equivalent to the Pope." – N. Burdisso, 2012