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Roman Tidbits: No News Is Gospel.

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Injury News

Francesco Totti: "ready to go again." Infertile men of Italy, step aside.

Miralem Pjanic: held out of training as a precaution.

I'm of the undoubtedly popular opinion he should be benched this weekend, dropping possession nearer whichever stage of child development promotes equal sharing, to test the theory results improve without him on the pitch. They can stop the Novara onslaught, right? (Shush.)

Johnny Depp Wannabe: His little training misstep was nuffin'. As you were.

Everyone else: Harumph.

All of this is excellent news, as it's so trivial it hurts to even bring it to the forefront.

Injurious News

PROBABILE FORMAZIONE (4-3-3): Stekelenburg, Taddei, Kjaer, De Rossi, Josè Angel; Gago, Pjanic, Marquinho; Osvaldo, Lamela, Bojan. All.: Luis Enrique

Transfer Nonsense

Roma's being linked with Fernando Torres.

Did you fumble your iPhone onto the filthy [insert mode of public transport here] floor? He's the rich man's Bojan: biblically talented, but desperately in need of nirvana - maybe even Jesus. The "lull" might be temporary, but whichever club decides to roll the dice will definitely pay through all bodily orifices in fees, wages and Alice bands to find out.

Oh, and tis almost assuredly complete garbage. But guess what? A massive name will almost certainly arrive previous the American tour this summer, as it's simply smart business for their continued push for brand exposure. This second Mr. X might even be good at football.

And on that note...

You smart whippersnappers might've noticed this page is in English. (Genii, I dare say.) In fact, that's the very reason for its existence. Sadly, I was afflicted with an incurable disorder from the start: I was born in America. Alas, it aided in netting me the opportunity to write nonsense about Roma in English as no one else was doing so at the time. So I took a crack and things happened. Some were good, most were not, but they damn sure happened.

Though the readership is international in nature, it has a disproportionately high American population, hence the blind faith behind ownership's blind faith in Enrique (an emoticon goes here were one so inclined - as does a 'blind leading the blind' joke), so sponsoring an unofficial cdt gathering* in each of the cities is probably something of interest. If you're keen on spending the time to organize something, FanPosts would be the perfect space to coordinate where, when and appropriate attire. Black tie strongly encouraged, clothing in general even more so.