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Cesena 2 - Roma 3: The End Of The Foreword?

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CESENA, ITALY - MAY 13: supporters of AS Roma attend the Serie A match between AC Cesena and AS Roma at Dino Manuzzi Stadium on May 13, 2012 in Cesena, Italy.  (Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images)
CESENA, ITALY - MAY 13: supporters of AS Roma attend the Serie A match between AC Cesena and AS Roma at Dino Manuzzi Stadium on May 13, 2012 in Cesena, Italy. (Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images)
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I could sit here and talk nonsense. I won't. I have so little to say quarks no longer have an inferiority complex.

The game was splendiferously blase. No emotion, no withering of thy leaf in sorrow. Everybody had fun, some got their final run out in the shirt - Marco Cassetti, here's lookin' at you (and one can wonder whether or not Simone Perrotta is on the playing or coaching staff next year as well) - and Roma walked away with a win against a Serie A Serie B team. All go home happy, 'specially Luis, who goes home to out-slumber Rip van Winkle.

At this point, no one knows what the summer will bring, though an educated guess says it'll be arriving in a snazzy trench. But the direction of the entire philosophy can and may change with the implementation of a new mister. What the hell was 2011-12, then? The first chapter? A foreword? That nonsense near the front cover about "My beloved blah blah blah..."?

Ask me in 2014.

Some final considerations from the finale:

  • Bojan has gone from bust to boom. It turns out a bedding in period was necessary, and his dynamism and directness in space are unrivaled in Rome at current, last seen that day Jeremy Menez had his shit together. There's no doubt Erik is the prized jewel of the current chest, but Bojan's shown glimpses of becoming a force far sooner than expected over the last couple of months. The combination of the two at a total years of Totti + 7 can only be considered a building block worthy of those each plays with on the playground before training.

    (Cesena. Yes, we know.)
  • Marquinho's elbow to the face makes me think he's a good concussion away from shooting with his right and on target. Heavens.

    He's been on the "worth the buyout clause" list since Lady Gago leapt off back in March-ish.
  • Jose Angel. Regression to the meanie. There is no reason to rule him out as a player as a 21 year old defender in his first Serie A campaign - otherwise is ludicrous - but there's no reason to think he should be playing in Rome next year unless the tactical aura can be aptly described as Kamikaze. (Wide mid in a 3-5-2?) He needs playing time and enough rope, with which he might lynch himself from time to time; Roma can afford neither at current. Making Europe next year is some margin beyond crucial for its impact on the "brand" and potential signings. Primed for a loan unless someone offers an appropriate fee.
  • Simon Kjaer, if they can wrangle it, needs to be brought back on loan, provided the new coach's defensive tactics appear to be less of a cry for help.
  • The benching of Borini + Osvaldo for ninety minutes appeared to be in anticipation of pre-Euros call ups. The former's good for the 32 (though definitely on the bubble for the official list), but the latter is nowhere to be found. Not so surprising in hindsight, actually, considering his affinity for the card of love.

    If you manage to get yourself tossed off a team for behavioral reasons when that team includes Mario Balotelli, it's time to get your @#$%ing act together.
  • Daniele De Rossi obtained a sympathy fracture of his right index finger during the match, keeping in line with Luis' bandage. They do love that man, don't they? Perhaps he should stay on as the team psychologist while they hire a strict tactician for matchdays.
  • The most exciting match of the day for Romanisti may have been Villarreal - Atletico. Much like a stripper low on rent, there's going to be a lot of reluctant, resigned consent coming from that camp this summer.
  • Walking away with style. This was likely the end of his Roman adventure - often, indeed, the adventure - but Marco's the epitome of a squad player unexpectedly come good. He helped Roma make an entire mini-era of it.