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Roma Rumor Mongering: The Silly Season Begins

Be still your beating hearts, American-Roma fans. Its only a rumor.
Be still your beating hearts, American-Roma fans. Its only a rumor.

Now that the season is over and the Enrique saga has been settled, Roma's collective gaze turns towards the hordes of new players who may or may not don the Roma kit this season.

Last summers hastily thrown together mercato could be summed up in three words: Young, Midfield, South American.

This summer hopefully focuses on, you know, a few guys who could stop the ball

  • First up, Argentine and current Villareal Defender, Mateo Musacchio. Villareal, having been relegated, are very motivated sellers. Musacchio is a young (21) and relatively tall CB, who has already been capped by his senior national team. His agent indicates talks with Roma are expected "soon".
  • Alexandre Luiz Realm, a.k.a. Xandao, a 6'4'' 24 year old Brazilian CB, currently plying his trade at Sporting Lisbon is also being mentioned in connection with Roma. Not a whole lot informational available on him, but he apparently had a pretty sweet back-heel against City. I suppose you could also say he looks good in stripes?
  • Nicolas Spolli's agent claims he has not had contact with Roma, but that it would be a great move for his client to follow Montella (allegedly) to Roma.
  • Sabatini is reportedly on a mission to secure the services of Rolando, the 26 year old CB from Porto.
  • No new updates on Ezequiel Garay.
There are also rumors beyond the backline, two of which are sure to excite the American contigent.

Clint Dempsey is once again being connected with a move to Roma. The benefits and rationale behind this move are obvious. Not only is he the highest profile American player in the world, he backs up that reputation with goals, 23 of them this year to be exact (across all competitions). Roma should expect competition from several clubs, including Liverpool and Arsenal. A potential signing of Dempsey would surely be a dream come true for the marketing department. Dempsey has effectively usurped Landon Donovan as the US's best and most renowned player, he is, for all intents and purposes, U.S. Soccer. Having Roma mentioned with his every appearance would be a coup for the front office.

Not quite as popular or flashy, Dempsey's midfield partner, Michael Bradley has also been connected with Roma. Reports range from his agent simply saying "he had a great season and would have no fear in testing himself in an environment like that in Rome" last week to saying recently that Bradley would be best served by a further year of maturation at Chievo. While this signing wouldn't make waves like Dempsey, Bradley is a solid player with a tremendous understanding of the game and a motor for days.

Our old friend Nilmar is back in the news, though this time his agent claims he has three offers in Italy, one in France, and one in Spain....must be nice.

Enrique wanted him, Enrique is gone, but that hasn't quieted the links to Moussa Sissoko

Now to our guys.

Looks like Gago will make Roma his permanent place of employment. Gago wants to stay and Real wants to sell, so this should be sorted out shortly.

Simon Kjaer should discover his footballing fate by month's end, at which point, he'll find out if Roma exercise the buy out clause or attempt to negotiate a further loan.

There are some nice words be floated about Marquinho, indicating he might stay in Rome afterall.

As the Montella turns...

Catania is sticking to their guns, planning to see that Vincenzo Montella honors his contract with them next season, unless Roma are willing to part with some young talent. The likes of Alessandro Florenzi, Alessandro Crescenzi, Adrian Stojan and now Jose Angel are being offered in trade for Montella.

So thats the day's rumors. One would hope that a manager is in place before the shopping season begins in earnest. Its got to be hard enough to recruit players without the immediate promise of European football, let alone not knowing who's going to be pulling the strings next season.