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Villas-Boas Back on Roma Radar and Other Managerial Musings

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At this point, AVB might be better off applying with a temp agency.
At this point, AVB might be better off applying with a temp agency.

72 hours ago we were promised a resolution to the Vincenzo Montella melodrama within 48 hours, which obviously hasn't happened. I suppose this is the international soccer communities version of a cable repairman promising to show up between 9 and 4.

The latest reports indicate Montella is taking the initiative, meeting with Catania officials to broker an early release. Catania appear to be holding firm on a cash buyout and/or player compensation, with the likes of Florenzi, Antei, Crescenzi and Stojan heading the list.

Meanwhile, Baldini and Sabatini (who really need some sort of snappy combined nickname, the BS Boys, perhaps?) are off to Spain to meet with Andre Villas-Boas and Marcelo Bielsa about the Roma managerial vacancy.

For his part, AVB might be running out of options, as Liverpool's interest has reportedly waned. Brendan Rogers and Louis van Gaal are the leaders in the clubhouse for the top gig at Anfield.

If you take AVB's agent at his word, his client's purported checklist for a new job includes a "strong, solid and long-term project" things which the current incarnation of AS Roma appears to uphold. But of course, his agent does not talk about specific clubs

Zdenek Zeman is the latest name rumored to the Roma bench, though no word of any official contact with him as of yet.

Transfer Rumors

  • With Milan willing to sell their 50% stake in Alexander Merkel to Genoa, Roma have come a callin'.
  • Osvaldo is being linked with Real Madrid as a possible replacement for the possibly departing Gonzalo Higuain. The two clubs already have a scheduled meeting to hash out the permanent sale of Fernando, two birds, one stone, I suppose.
  • Ginaluca Caprari is apparently spending another season with newly promoted Pescara.
  • Jose Angel is, once again, being connected with a move back to Spain, specifically with Valencia.
  • Fabio Borini has been a hot name on the market lately, with the latest rumors connecting him to PSG, to which the collective voice of Roma presumably will say, 'fat chance'. The widespread interest in Borini is certainly understandable, given his age and enormous talent.
  • After missing out on the former rat-tailed one,Rodrigo Palacio, Roma's attacking gaze is now focused on 25-year old French striker Olivier Giroud.
  • The powers that be will meet next week to decide the future of Andrea Bertolacci, specifically whether he will spend another season on loan or try and break ranks with Roma herself.

The contract uncertainty between Montella and Catania, the removal of AVB from Liverpool's list of managerial candidates, and Sabatini and Baldini's trip to Spain certainly indicate that the managerial scales are about to tip in someones favor. There is always the possibility of an as yet unnamed darkhorse candidate being hired. (Though if he happened to be named Luciano, I'd be fine with that).

The transfer rumors are still mainly focused on the defense, though given the uncertainty surrounding the respective futures of Osvaldo and Marco Borriello, we've seen a number of attacking players being connected with Roma this week.

As always, stay tuned.