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Totti Tuesday: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody, Swiss Army Knifes and Lindsay Lohan’

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So it went from young guns Montella and AVB to oldies Bielsa and Zeman? Shocker. I like how both Zeman and Bielsa’s teams (Pescara and Bilbao) played last season plus they both had succes (promotion to A for Zeman, EL and Spanish cup finals for Bielsa) which means they aren’t worn out just yet. Bielsa’s Chile at the World Cup 2010 was a nice surprise package too (although it helps to have players like Isla and Sanchez).
One must point out though, Roma is not Bilbao or Pescara. And that’s where Zeman has an advantage: he knows the city. He even knows both ends of it (the wolf pack and the goat lovers). Hell, he even knows Totti better than Baldini, DiBenedetto or Sabatini.
Only time will tell but if it was up to the tifosi themselves to choose, we all know there’s only one option. THE man to lead Totti to his deserved second scudetto: Zdenek the mechanic. Or ‘il Boemo’ as they say… time to dust of that vinyl record of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Do you want ketchup with that?

Number three to say goodbye to: Gabriel Heinze. His Roma career was rather short, one season, 30 Serie A games but he was, on the contrary to what I said last week about some, the right man at the right time. He was our best and most consistent CB throughout 2011-2012. Mind you, that’s not telling much. Juan was (as usual) injured for some time, Burdisso missed ¾ of the season, Kjaer was inconsistent as Facebook’s shares nowadays.
Yet, at 34 he played most of all defenders which saw his contract being extended for one more year. Alas, he opted to return to Argentina instead and who can blame him? Kjaer is eleven years younger, Rolando is seven years younger. Musacchio even twelve. It’s time to look at the future, Burdisso’s already 31 too (he played with the Primavera some days ago and looks very fit btw).
Fact is, his experience in England, France and Spain helped us a lot. Even if the standings and statistics show us otherwise (54 goals conceded).
One has to wonder how the season would have evolved if Heinze wasn’t there. You know, because he started as fourth choice CB in August. You know the others who recently started as fourth choice CB’s? Yes, it includes the Loria’s, Guillermo Burdisso’s, Diamoutene’s and Cassetti’s of this world. Only because of that, I applause the management’s decision to bring in Heinze. For FREE.
Thanks for your passion, Gabriel. Have fun in Argentina (the real one, not Inter)! Here’s my departing gift.

Fun fact of they day

If you combine Villas-Boas’ and Montella’s ages, you almost have Zeman’s.If you're talking trophies, well... let's just say Zeman at Roma 2012-2013 has the chance to catch up with AVB.


• Totti, because he can play anywhere on the field. Yes, even as a goalie.
He’s like the human equivalent of a Swiss Army knife.

• To think that Osvaldo would be playing in Real’s white shirt next season is just… pure gold comedy. While it may come in handy for Gago’s contract situation, I would prefer a transfer to Malaga. Let’s keep him (for now), unless Malaga pushes for him and offers crazy prices. Paying 17+ million for just eleven Serie A goals is ridiculous. Bringing back Borriello for free with 25 000 goals on his conto is not. Besides, it would make for an interesting contest: who will be the one true captain Jack Sparrow on this team?

• Throughout the month of June, Totti Tuesday will be sort of ‘Lindsay Lohanized’. Meaning, it will be skinnier, thinner but not worry, it remains sexy as hell (ahem). Thanks to my exams which start today until June 22nd. Which means even more drama. I expect my cardiologist’s phone to explode by the end of June.

As always, thanks for reading. See you next week!

"The fact was that he didn’t think that I was a right-back, he always considered me as a central defender instead. I don’t know why. You’ll have to ask him that. He just thought I would do better in the middle of the defence." – Marco Cassetti about LE, 2012.