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No Hopa For Europa

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Sincerest apologies.

The briefest of official newsy briefings: AS Roma will play no part in Europe in 2012-13 - officially now - due to finish no better than 7th, perhaps as low as 9th, depending on the outcome with Lame Duck No. 1 (or No. 2...or even No. 3, as it were), Cesena. They didn't really take part in Europe in 2011-12, either. (Slovan Bratislava never happened. Never. Happened.)

Actually, this will be the first time in some years in which Roma will have nothin' to do but the domestics for an entire season, which is a rather stiff introduction to the American era at Roma. Silver lining: nowhere to go but up. (The table does beg to differ, but let's not approach the possibility that next year, considering the money to be inevitably thrown at this team over the summer, can possibly result in any worse than doing battle with Parma and Bologna - Bologna - for 7th on the final day.)

Send Saba smokes - it's going to be a long summer of Argentine nights.