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Back To The Future

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So, the football focus of the world is lasered in on Ukraine. (And Poland. Details.) The Roman world is currently revolving fractions and that Borini chap. But soon, oh so soon, it'll be revolving around sickeningly fluid (one hopes) attacking football and a coach with no care for such details as a cohesive defense. Alarmingly, this has happened in the recent past. Twice, even One of those was markedly more successful than the other - no prizes for guessing which, as only one did not involve any prizes at all.

Trying to find the quintessential goal from That Era, my mind would not escape from Simone Perrotta's against the Dinamos of Kyiv. Perhaps it's an immersion in the Ukraine not allowing me to escape anything blue and yellow, or perhaps it truly is just that - the quintessential aesthetic goal from TGIP's stint (it isn't - feel free to correct me with ample usage of YouTube hyperlinks). It's certainly something.

The two systems are hardly identical, but indeed, the outcome is often the same. Back to the future...

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