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Zemanlandia Redux

Zdenek Zeman has always brought the feel of roulette to football. Predicting what Zeman’s team is going to do on a football pitch is like putting money on one of the numbers on a roulette wheel and praying that you get that thing right.

Football induces a lot of emotions; there is one for me that supersedes all others. I have often been impressed when I watch top players and managers do their thing with utmost ease and simplicity that most of us can never ever dream of accomplishing even with the most effective, dedicated and scientific preparation. But the one emotion that time and again only Il Boemo evokes in me which supersedes everything else is the sensation of awe.

I strongly believe that Il Boemo is the right man for the job, for he is the only one likely to understand what it takes to manage AS Roma. There is something about this great man that engages you, behind that poker face he has this playfulness to him that amazes everyone and above all he pursues the game with nothing but purity.

Not many of you know what he has done for the club and what he means to the tifosi. All I can say is fasten your seat belts and Welcome to Zemanlandia 2.0

I leave you with a 14 minute clip which will give you a glimpse of what this great man is all about.

The excitement begins now.....

Forza Il Boemo.
Forza Roma.