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Fabio Borini Bound for Liverpool, Destro Delivered to Roma.

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What has been rumored for the past 10 days or so will come to fruition in a mere 48 hours. Liverpool and Roma have reportedly agreed on a €14M transfer fee for the 21-year old Borini, who is already in Merseyside negotiating personal terms with Liverpool. The sale will net Roma a profit of nearly €5M.

Meanwhile, Roma, Genoa and Siena have reportedly decided the future of Mattia Destro, with Genoa assuming 100% of his rights from Siena, 50% of which will then be sold to Roma.

The rationale behind the sale of Borini, at this point anyway, has not been fully divulged. Borini, acquired by Roma late last summer, wasted no time impressing anyone and everyone associated with Roma, to the point they purchased a 50% share of his rights from Parma in January, recently securing the remaining 50% at blind auction.

On the pitch Borini delivered 9 goals in 24 appearances, catching the eye of Cesare Prandelli, who brought him along to Euro 2012. An impressive inclusion for a player so young, regardless of his lack of appearances. Borini, no matter where he plays his club football, appears to have a place with the Azzurri going forward.

So as quickly as Borini arrived, he is gone. Borini will join Luis Suarez in the Liverpool attack, reunited with his Swansea manager Brendan Rodgers.

We might not know the true reason for this transfer for some time: was it purely financial? Was he incompatible with the Zeman system? Was this a pre-ordained move following the blind auction?

Those questions aside, the more pressing matter is how Walter Sabatini intends on spending this new influx of cash. With the continual uncertainty at fullback, it's safe to assume his next move, once the Bradley and Tachtsidis deals are done and dusted, will be in defense.

Now, on to the man filling Borini's shoes.

Destro, like Borini, is also 21 years old and a shade under 6 feet tall. Destro, a former Ascoli and Inter youth product, eventually found his way to Genoa as part of an exchange for Andrea Ranocchia, making 16 appearances and netting 2 goals in 2010-2011. Destro was loaned to Siena for this past season, scoring 12 goals in 30 appearances.

So while he doesn't have Borini's senior caps or ability to play wide, he does have the same penchant for scoring goals. A young, talented, forward thinking player burgeoning in Zemans attack-at-all-costs system will surely be a sight to behold.

But this potential move carries implications for the current and future roster; where will Destro fall in the pecking order? Is this the death knell for Osvaldo at Roma? Has Roma set itself up for another harrowing blind auction next summer? Was Destro's goal scoring record at Siena more a product of being a big fish in a small pond?

As always, time will tell.

For now its farewell, Fabio and Daje Destro!