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Summer Clearance 1.0

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It's official now. Roma's mercato has begun.

Fabio Borini has been sold to Liverpool for € 13.3 million plus performance related bonus worth 1 million. From the business side of things Roma has made a profit of € 5.45 million.

Good business on a player who didn't feel at home.

Roma also managed to save themselves € 4.6 million by agreeing to terminate Juan's contract. According to his agent it was Juan who wanted to move away from the capital.

"He has much respect for Roma and for Zeman. This is a decision that the player has taken and spoken to Franco Baldini about, who has then agreed.

"I would like to thank Baldini for not hindering this decision in any way."

After 2 years he looked in good shape and was doing well in training - I was expecting one final push from Juan. The last 2 years his injuries did not help Roma and we suffered but I continued to be patient with him and somewhere I believed that he will leave Roma on a high, just didn't expect him to terminate his contract.

However, I thank him for everything he has done for Roma. A champion defender who will be dearly missed.
A class act.

Saba better get his shit together and deliver 2 CB's

Let's see who features next in : Summer Clearance 2.0