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Destro Watch: We're Getting Warmer

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Though the co-ownership between Genoa and Siena still remains unsettled, it appears as though, when it is indeed solved, he will make his way to Rome.

Massimo Mezzaroma, President of A.C. Siena and a Roman himself, says "With Genoa there was a cordial meeting, but no agreement has been reached...As a Roman, I would like to see Destro go to Roma"

Genoa President Enrico Preziosi put an even finer point on it when he said, "If Destro ends up with Genoa then there is an agreement to sell him to Roma."

Big Walt seems excited at the prospect of adding Mattia, saying his addition will make an already strong attack even more potent.

So it seems more a matter of when than if Destro will come to Roma.

In other news, the Castan deal has finally been made official. The final transfer price was €5M, with the Brazilian signing a 4 year deal that will keep him in Rome through June of 2016.