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Mattia Destro Decides on Roma

Destro will bring his heavily negotiated million dollar smile to Roma afterall
Destro will bring his heavily negotiated million dollar smile to Roma afterall

Stop me if you've heard this one before, but reports in the English and Italian media suggest that Mattia Destro has finally decided to move to Roma.

Early indication is that he will initially be paid €1.5M per year, though as that was the initial sticking point, don't be shocked if the final figures are a bit different.

Destro, if the opinions of the CDT community are representative of Roma fans worldwide, will enter a somewhat hostile environment, as the protracted and publicized nature of his negotiations have rubbed some fans the wrong way.

The balance, as Genoa President Enrico Preziosi pointed out so aptly, was between chasing the extra few hundred thousand Euros Juventus reportedly offered or going to Roma, where the pay might be slightly less, but the playing time and opportunity to flourish under Zeman's system is ample.

So it appears, at long lost, Destro Watch 2012 is over. More specifics when they become available.

From Dhaw:

I am very curious to see what he has to say when he is presented to the fans. The kid needs to be spot on with his words. No more nonsense. Personally, I think this is a very important signing for the club, this one is for the future. What do you folks think now that we have got him ?


The deal is for a reported €12M (which we knew), with €5M for the "loan" and a further, mandatory €7M buy-out due next year. Destro will sign a five year contract. As part of the deal, Siena receive Valerio Verre with Giammario Piscitella going to Genoa, both on co-ownership deals.