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AS Roma 2012 Payroll


2010 - 2011 : € 83 Million

2011 - 2012 : € 76.5 Million

2012 - 2013 : € 56 Million approx

We all know that Walter is in the market for 1 CB and once he gets his man we are most likely going to wrap up our mercato unless Walter finds someone on the last day.

However, it's safe to assume that we are not crossing the € 60 M mark this season. The management had a plan and they have executed it well and from a business perspective this mercato is a huge success for the club.

** Are we paying Jose Angel's salary ? I am under the impression it's a free loan + Roma takes a hit on the salary and to make it work in everyone's favor we have a 30% "future sale" clause added in the contract. Any confirmation on this will be much appreciated.