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The Eleventh Hour Window Rundown

Paolo Bruno - Getty Images
  • Barring any announcements after the fact, the squad is final.

    End Mercato

  • With five minutes remaining, it appears all is done on the Roman front. No Bojan replacement; cue Bojan Face.


    [For any who missed it, that screenie was taken immediately after Nico Lopez scored the second this weekend and the camera panned to the bench. Yup.]

  • Borriello is gone to Genoa. Loan. Goicoechea is in. And somewhere, Saba has just lit a cig and with his most gravelly, Clint Eastwood-esque voice, said, "Now let's get to work, boys."
  • Marco Borriello has reportedly agreed a deal with Genoa. This has been acknowledged by the mass media. It has not, however, been acknowledged by Wolfsburg. (Simon Kjaer-as-prima-punta swap. Come on. Make it happen.)

    Marco has, of course, refused Wolfsburg. He doesn't seem the VW type anywho. Roma and Genoa still in the midst of rochambeau to conclude the particulars of his deal, which may or may not happen, thus leading to a clause where every game starts not with Sweet Child O'Mine, but Kylie.

    Do the locomotion.
  • Julio 'Jesus For A Year' Sergio - 'member him? - is causing all sorts of problems and will likely be stuck at Roma, where he'll shoot out from nowhere to vault Bogdan and Maarten to lead Roma to the Champions League single-handedly. Because he's done it before.
  • All seems quiet on the replacing Bojan front. Which clearly means something massive is in the pot. Not saying it's Messi, but it's Messi.