new blog/website- serieAzzurri calcio connection

hi guys, longtime reader (though not much of a poster) here going far back into the offside times. in the past couple days i've been working on starting up a blog that covers all of calcio (serie a and the italy nt), with the idea that there's not much american coverage of it, so why not be the catalyst. the hardest part to this point has been to keep my love of roma out of everything and staying analytically balanced haha. anyways, just wanted to put it out there so everyone can take a look if you like.

the address is

i've started an associated twitter in conjunction, the handle is @serieAzzurri

everything is in its infancy, with a lot of new stuff coming this week, so if you take a look by any chance, feel free to let me know what you think. all opinions, even those critical, are appreciated.

thanks guys, and FORZA ROMA

cheers, ian

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