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The Tunes Of Roma

Marco Luzzani - Getty Images

I've never made a music playlist of any sort, partly because iTunes is in fact proof Satan exists; but were I to do so, it would indicate nothing short of a complete identity crisis. Though if Tiesto were to ever remix Rachmaninov's Caprice Bohemien, Op. 12 with Matthew Bellamy on lead, my heart would cease to beat on the first note simply for it coming to fruition as one. Nonetheless, said hypothetical playlist would elicit nothing short of ridicule and confusion; I know and accept that readily. That said...

So Roma has been releasing the musical tastes of all those under the club's employment, from players to player personnel to the other guys who do some stuff and, you know, are there. It's intriguing to say the least and certainly worth several moments of your time/destroying your entire Friday. This is seeing a stronger light today because a certain suspiciously-coiffed striker's playlist was released yesterday and, well...Mattia Destro needs Jesus.

Obviously Pablo Osvaldo was the most anticipated player, as everyone needs a playlist for when they're dipping Cheetos into a jar of peanut butter, so he was first. Saba and Baldini also have some draw, with Franco opting for the double CD set and what is clearly an ode to Walter on song nine. Now we wait on whatever death metal Nico Burdisso uses to calm down before Cagliari matches and whether or not Daniele lets Gaia set up his iPod.

Personally, my most anticipated is Federico Balzaretti. And whether Erik Lamela's can cross the "87% Spanish-language" barrier. And Alberto De Rossi. Because I needed to find a photo in the pile.

* - If anyone purchases one of those playlists in their entirety I will both respect the hell out of you and never admit that I know you.