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Roma & Inter Coppa Italia Scheduling Changes

Stop doing official things n'stuff. Where's Dodo to keep it loose when you need him?

Claudio Villa

Ooh. Bookkeeping.

The good people of both Roma and Inter requested, smartly, that the return leg of the Coppa Italia semifinal be pushed back to April 17th - yes, three months - and the powers in calcio obliged, and so it is. This causes a bit of a shakeup in the upcoming schedule, as well as a welcome relief from playing Inter thrice in nine days, but the match on the 1st of February will still go ahead as planned (that whole five matches in twelve days nonsense was a bit much).

So the new schedule looks like this:

Sunday, January 20th, Roma v Inter (Serie A), 2045 CET

Wednesday, January 23rd, Roma v Inter (Coppa Italia semi leg 1), 2045 CET

Sunday, January 27th, Bologna v Roma, (Serie A), 1230 CET

Friday, February 1st, Roma v Cagliari (Serie A), 2045 CET




Wednesday, April 17th, Inter v Roma (Coppa Italia semi leg 2), TBA.

Entire eras between cup legs isn't exactly optimal, but it's certainly better than trying to sneak Federico Balzaretti onto the pitch with a oxygen mask. After Cagliari there is a substantial breather which they'll need and probably all use to get themselves injured.