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Zeman's Future in Rome in Doubt?

Its the start of a new week and the future of Zdenek Zeman is suddenly in doubt.

Gabriele Maltinti

A new week begins with a fresh set of rumors. This time around, the rumors are squarely focused on Zdenek Zeman himself.

Both the English and Italian media reporting that Walter Sabatini and company are pondering Zeman's future in Rome. Despite their progress in the Coppa Italia, the Giallorossi haven't won a league match since December 22nd of last year. So as the weeks have rolled on and Roma have drifted further out of European qualification, the pressure has begun to mount on Zeman.

When asked about his own future, Zeman, in his typical fashion, quipped, " Have you ever seen a Coach who is sure? I am always at the disposal of the club."

For his part, Sabatini appeared to parse his words by admitting the search for a new coach was only marginal. However, the general sentiment seems to indicate this week's Cagliari match will go a long way to determining Zeman's future.

Possible replacements mentioned include Alberto Malesani and Primavera headman Alberto De Rossi, who is, of course, Daniele De Rossi's father.

We'll save the analysis for a later date, but, sufficed to say, two managers in two years isn't the ideal way to start off a new "project."

As always, stay tuned, things in Rome might get real interesting, real soon.