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Closing Roma's Transfer Window

Moving Maarten.

Claudio Villa


1935 CET: Obviously, with the window now closed, it appears that things remain as they were when we began the day. Viviano's agent said they're looking to June now.

So even if Maarten stays and starts, he's in lame duck status, most likely. What a colossal failure this has been.

1845CET: Stek deal now reportedly off because Roma couldn't nab a replacement (Viviano) in time.

I quit.

1835 CET: Zamparini says that Viviano is not leaving Firenze (he's there via Palermo) and there's another rumor that the Stek deal can be nixed if Roma does not get another keeper.

I have no @#$%ing clue what's going on anymore.

1820 CET: And now they're attempting Emiliano Viviano, who was always their first choice before Bologna farked it up.

1805 CET: Maarten to Fulham, new link.

1750 CET: Maarten is reportedly a Fulham player. Well ain't this somethin'.

So how about those "reports" in the press about Baldini giving Zeman an ultimatum to start Stek?


1740 CET: Maarten's agent is now in London attempting to close the deal.


1715 CET: In entirely inconsequential news, Luca Antei has moved on loan to Sassuolo.

All Day Rumors: Nobody's goin' nowhere.


(Yes, that above link is stating Maarten Stekelenburg still wants out by the day's end.)

0435 CET: "Likely" loan departure for Nico Lopez. This would almost assuredly mean another body is needed for the attack, as that would leave Totti, Osvaldo, Lamela and two players out of position, Pjanic and Perrotta (not even a consideration had he not already played RW this season), for the attack until Destro is back. That's just not enough unless there's a Primavera body, and the closest, Tallo, just went on loan himself.

So if they need a RW....I hear Adriano is available.


Updates will follow above. For now, the suspects - some of the usual variety, others not so much:

Rodrigo Taddei: There have been rumors that Roma North, Fiorentina, wants to get them some 'Rigo before the window closes. Obviously, because who wouldn't? But he's only interested in a permanent move, not a loan and then summer of indecision and the unknown.

Rodrigo needs you to show that you care.

The transfer of Vasilis Torosidis made Taddei seem even more expendable than already was, netting zero meaningful league minutes since Piris got his shit together, so Rodrigo's days in Rome are likely numbered one way or another. The only question is whether it's now or the summer.

Destro Replacement: The problem with the Destro injury is that "two months out" only accounts for his time off the pitch, and that timeframe is hardly guaranteed. Then factor in his time to find fitness, then form, then...well, then you're looking at 2013-14, because this season is damn near up. If Roma's serious about a push for Europe beyond April 17th and Coppa Europa sloppy seconds, then they might want to bring in another body.

Nico Lopez has spent January doing nothing but earning a shot, but then he seemed to deserve a shot long ago and Zeman remained more than reluctant. Plus rumors have continued to follow certain names like Matej Vydra (Watford) and Diego Farias (Padova on loan from Chievo).

And on the latter, Farias, yes, I completely judge 22 year olds deemed not good enough for @#$%ing Chievo based solely on that. No thank you.

The possibility remains, if somewhat remote.

Maarten Stekelenburg: Minimal chances, but it's not impossible.

The Untouchable: Marquinhos.

Shoo. Shoo shoo.

Mr. X: See above. Though it seems the type they want to go after - a Dzagoev (despite the fact that he would be making, for all intents and purposes, a step down from CSKA Moscow right now) - will only be available in the summer. Though they could always bring back Simplicio.

One can dream, right?

Otherwise, it should be a remarkably uneventful closing to the transfer window.