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Roma x Philipp Plein: War Has Begun

They couldn't just let it happen. They couldn't just let everything be good for once. They had to screw it up. They had to destroy it all.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

It's happened. Cue ominous bass-heavy soundtrack of doom. Cue an eerie silence fostering a chilling aura and heightened fear. Cue the cloaked figure in the distance. Cue the first teaser of Roma's newest fashion line. Cue skulls. Cue Old English lettering. Cue a gargantuan belt buckle emblazoned with a hexagonal PP brand logo. Cue Brand PP, which fits in oh so many ways. Cue Roma x Philipp Plein 2013-14.

At some point we will be reminded once again that the name on the crest, though in a different typography, hasn't changed. Something will happen which happens to all clubs. Perhaps it will happen on a level which shall remind us all that while one can take the kid from the neighborhood, you can't quite take the neighborhood from the kid. They will be Roma again at some point, nestling you softly in the comfort of acute capitulation and failure, because perfection doesn't exist and certainly not for a club of Rome. That day will be their true test. There are thousands of quotes on the internet centered upon true strength of character not being determined by the fall, but the ability to pull one's self back up and fight on. Go find one. Apply it. And when that day comes, either alter the course of your thinking or maintain it.

And lo, that day has arrived. It would appear one really can't take the neighborhood from the kid. Or in this case, the skull from the two-button.

If they can play well while being outfitted by Philipp Plein, they just might be gods.

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