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Totti Tuesday

My super sweet, stylish, silky, sexy, sugarcoated, smooth, seductive seven.

Claudio Villa

Let’s see, seven seven seven… What does it mean? Well, there’s a pretty decent movie about it. A British spy named after it. The seven deadly sins. It’s the number of times I tried to have sexy time with Megan Fox, only to end up in jail (four out of seven) or beat up in the streets of L.A (two out of seven). What did you say? My seventh attempt? Let’s say I got what I deserved… And you can interpret that either positive or negative.


In case you haven’t read the previous posts on CDT: Roma wasn’t the better side on Saturday. Don’t let the scoreline fool ya. Roma wasn’t three times as good as Inter, nor were the Nerazzuri three times as bad as us. We were clinical, Inter ran out of luck. The first real test, the first real threat to our winning streak. And yet, AS Roma still walked out of the San Siro with a 0-3 win. These are no babysteps anymore. These are giant leaps from Kobe Bryant or LeBron James. 7W, 20G, 1G, 19+. The defensive numbers are overwhelming. Biabiany must feel like a real f-*%!#@ badass right now.

Roma loves Inter. As on opponent that is. We achieved some good results last year both in the competition and Coppa. But with Mazzarri, Garcia finally had a worthy adversary this season to show his talent, decision-making, balls and nerves. Rudi succeeded and talk around town about the S-word is growing. Which is still too early. It’s like a pre-ejaculation when you see Emma Watson in bed wearing hot underwear. You simply can’t conceal your inner joy, you have to release your forbidden fruit. Or something like that. 21/21 means a perfect start and when you look at Italy’s history. Seven teams managed a start as good as this: Juve 4x, Milan and Inter both two times. Only Inter failed to win the S-word, back in 66-67. Aaah yes, the swinging sixties.
So looking at the numbers… *gasp*…Roma actually have a good shot at the… S-word. The only downside is Juve and Napoli. Both are surprisingly doing almost as good as Roma, which kinda kills the mood at our party. Then again, the gap with number six (and no Europe) is nine points. After only seven rounds. Say hello to midweek games next season.


Most people in Church consider me one of the more optimistic writers around, alongside the dark-minded worlds of Dhaw, Chris and co. Unfortunately I have to disappoint you this time. I want to believe. I want to jump on the bandwagons full of naked women bodypainted in giallo e rosso riding down the streets of Rome. As much as I want to listen to Journey’s Don’t stop believin’ nowadays, I still feel Roma’s very own journey is still a long and winding road. It's ridiculous to start talking about a possible sequel to May 2001. Stop it. It's almost as ridiculous as Ludovic Giuly trying to launch an NBA career.
We’ll talk again come January. When Roma may welcome another of Rudi’s former pupils, Adil Rami from Valencia. If he can bring the best out of Adil like he did with Gervais, then a Benatia-Rami defence can truly be a force to be reckoned with. Move over Tolkien, these are the true Twin Towers. Big plus, the boy has got some sweet moves. We, CDT editors, never say no to a Gangnam Style dance battle (is it a mystery why most of us are still single?).

Sadly, next week there will be no Totti Tuesday due to the international break . Who cares? Roma cares. News and titbits will be rare the next couple of days and since our second favorite team Italy are already qualified for Brazil, I expect some sort of Roman news poverty. De Rossi has already returned from training with a slight injury but he’ll make Napoli. Let’s pray Benatia, Deep Sthroat, Florenzi and Gervinho all return safe and sound. A win against Benitez’ big boys and I might have to reconsider my opinion about that S-word after all.

“I’ve only been at Roma for a short time, there is still so much more to prove. I’m clearly satisfied with what I have done, but I could have done even better. There will be difficult moments though so we have to be ready for when they arrive.” – Kevin Strootman, 2013