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Manchester United Seeking Strootman?

It just wouldn't be Roma if we could enjoy a moment to ourselves. Fresh off their dramatic victory over Fiorentina, Roma awoke to the news that Manchester United are scouting our very own Kevin Strootman.

Paolo Bruno

Roma, in stunning fashion, got back to their winning ways on Sunday, downing Fiorentina 2-1. High off their first victory in a month and beaming from the return of Mattia Destro, Roma still can't seem to get a moments peace. The culprit this time? The Red Devils of Manchester, who, feeling the shame and embarrassment of sitting in 9th place in the Premiership, suddenly find themselves lusting after Roma's very own Dutch Jesuus.

Manchester United Scouts Kevin Strootman

It frankly surprised me that he did not get to the absolute top last summer and was on the side a little. I do not think he will stay at Roma that long. If Kevin is at this level, he will be plucked away. And then it will be a team of the caliber of Manchester United

The words of Strootman's former manager, Dick Advocaat, are the type that haunt Roma fans at night. Why can't we just have nice things? Why must we always worry about more monied suitors? If Roma are to rise to the level of United, Strootman is precisely the type of player they need to hang onto, but €40m has a way of weakening the knees, doesn't it?

United sits a shocking 9th in the table, with only 22 goals forced. So, hey, United, why not get a goal scorer instead?

Destro: 'I'm back!'

The only thing that mattered to me was getting back on to the field, as I really couldn’t take it anymore.To score a goal as well was just wonderful. I was out for such a long time, but it’s all behind me now and I am back. I think we put in a great performance against an excellent Fiorentina side and were able to get the important win.

We mentioned it a few weeks ago, but the return of Mattia Destro is a transfer in and of itself, one any team in Italy would be hard pressed to match. Destro should provide a nice juxtaposition to the speed-at-all-costs approach of Gervinho and the Nutella-laced chicanery of Adem Ljajic. If Francesco Totti can remain healthy and Alessandro Florenzi can recapture his form, Roma will suddenly have a glut of talented attacking options.

This could be a fun winter.

Roma In Talks Over New Stadium

Admit it, there's still a large part of you that thinks this will never happen. But the excruciatingly slow wheels seem to be churning, as Pallotta and the boys are meeting with the Mayor of Rome to discuss the ways and means of building in the Eternal City. The latest figures seem to indicate the new digs will seat at least 50,000 and presumably be laden with Swooshes and Fahrvergnügens.

Pallotta Meets With Mayor: Visual Evidence

I think we are right on track in the schedule. I think they like what we are doing but we got a lot of work to do, but I think that everybody is positively disposed to our plans

Lots of photos and a few talking heads with James Pallotta and architect Dan Meis. This might actually happen. Might.

Roma To Grab D'Ambrosio?

Torino has some intriguing players, but its the potential Bosman candidate, Danilo D'Ambrosio, that has reportedly captured the interest of Walter Sabatini. D'Ambrosio has two goals and one assist thus far, and is second on the team to Alessio Cerci in dribbles, so there are certainly worse options out there.

Ryan Gauld to Roma?

il Nuovo Messi has been connected to virtually every team on the planet at this point, and now you can add Roma to that list. I suppose they should do their due diligence and put the feelers out for the 18-year old starlet, but don't hold your breath on this one.

Coppa Quarters Revealed

We'll finish up this smattering of rumors with some actual news. Roma's quest for their 10th Coppa Italia will begin on January 21st against Sampdoria, with a possible matchup with Juventus looming. It'll be interesting to see how they react to last springs nut puncher against Lazio in the finals, but being the first team to ten titles always seems to make Roma's Coppa quests a bit more amplified.