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Roma Coaching Carousel: Zdenek Zeman Officially Fired

Paolo Bruno

Officially, Zemanlandia is no longer.

He's not the only one who should have a pink slip, then. What a catastrophe this organization is at current. They gave him the keys to the car, then filled it with cheap wine and asked him to have it win races. Then, when it appeared it needed to change whatever the hell they were putting in it in January...went back into the store for more wine. Or whine in this case. They changed neither the players nor the expectations. It makes no sense. The results of late are poor, but many of the players have shown themselves to be, simply, not up to snuff. Talented, yes, but quality and talent are two entirely different concepts.

Aurelio Andreazzoli (internal) is 'interim' coach, but that will most likely change. Laurent Blanc is being discussed, as too is Frank Rijkaard. Blanc would be for more than the end of the year - likely 18 months - while Marco Giampaolo is also mentioned as an option through the end of the season, to which he almost certainly would not make it. Just because that's how he rolls.

Goddamnit, I miss Poobah. Maybe finishing 4th and capitulating every second half with no chance for revival is better than this crap.

Update: Laurent Blanc was apparently the first choice, but could not agree on money and contract length. (Which is seemingly an extension of their desire to strip payroll yet land the Champions League. If you want something, spend the money. Otherwise, there's a good chance you're going to be rolling the dice.) It's hard to believe Andreazzoli will remain the coach even through Sampdoria, but the options are thin, and any options which appear to be a fit for both the short and long-terms are ghostly. Blanc is really the only name which could fit and would be a desirable fit for the summer and beyond.

So, third time's a charm for the summer of 2013?