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Killing Time Til The Next One

Paolo Bruno

What? They won a game? And there's no coach to be fired? And their goalkeeper hasn't boarded a plane to London for nothing in the end but the free snacks? And there's the slight hope they could actually make Europe given the failings of other clubs? You mean they're normal?

How boring.

The biggest issue without European football isn't the lack of funds or an inability to draw in the top tier players but rather that Roma is literally the only sports team I watch or give a damn about and so the middle of the week is left for me to do nothing but be a productive member of society (tragic) or buy things I don't really need instead of beetching about Federico Balzaretti's pinpoint crosses into the rightback's future children. Seriously. "Wait for the weekend, celebrate or moan for like twelve seconds and then wait for the weekend again." And it's made all the worse by the fact that there is no coach and given this current regime's desire to buy a philosophy and/or movement in lieu of a mere manager, transfers and all that fun fantacalcio are pointless. Basically, it's a matter of being spoonfed baseless rumors, rumors which are less than sexy in nature, or watching too much made of too little.

You know, things may not have been rosy, but they damn sure weren't boring - drama has its allure.

So, extracting things from the non-news:

  • The fact that Pep is a soon-to-be Bavarian, after the second goal for Milan last night, seems like that sort of shut the door on Allegri leaving the San Siro. Which is good because no one should want him.
  • There is a prospective new investor for Brand Roma named Adnan Adel Aref Qaddumi, a Qatar-born Jordanian sheikh who'd like to throw some money at Roma. Basically, he'd be a new "member" of the portion owned by the US. So bringing in Americans and Middle Eastern oil money.

    Good thing this club isn't becoming a cliche or anything.
  • In honor of this, I've named a new dance after Maarten Stekelenburg, called the Haarlem Sheikh, in which one moves only twelve centimeters to the right 98% of the time, but still gets paid lots of money. (I have thus far successfully avoided any of "those" videos on the internets - pretty high up there on the list of life's achievements.)
  • Vitorino Antunes played in the Champions League knockouts this week as a first choice starter for a La Liga club.

    Read that again.
  • Nothing else of any note, so enjoy this clip from the YouTube:

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>