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A Superstar Is Born

And the Rome derby becomes best of three, the last with some added significance.

Claudio Villa

Today was the day for Mattia Destro. Though goalscorers are given far too much credit at the expense of those who perform equally well, particularly when his second was a training ground tap-in, this one is special. The boy was bought with designs that he could become It: The Next Big Thing. His talent's always been undeniable, extending beyond the merely technical into a realm of maturity and innate understanding belying his years, but he became nothing more than the next hyped talent who may or may not be. Ever on the precipice, even his biggest fans wondering if or when. This evening, on a big match, on a big stage, with big expectations, he came through and he stood above the rest. The photo is more than an accounting of his celebration; it's an indication of what he is becoming.

Welcome to Serie A's next great striker. Yes, great. Some are just destined. Mattia is one.

Roma versus Lazio in the Coppa Italia final on May 26th, for the silver star on Roma's side, on the day of the mayoral election in Rome. It would be wise to both attend and not. What would undoubtedly be wise is to make your next shirt purchase a Destro one, so you can say you were there when.

And perhaps if Erik Lamela hadn't been so damn prolific this season, he'd be getting the appropriate credit for the buildup, but it's simply more of the same for him.

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