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Hey Mister Mister: Open The Floodgates

Giuseppe Bellini

Roma won what amounted to a friendly. Mattia Destro and Marquinho scored some wonderful goals. The kids got some recess time. They finish sixth, behind Udinese and ahead of Lazio. Hip hip. No one cares. Now, onto the important parts: coaches. Big:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p><a href="">#Mazzarri</a> a @<a href="">skysport</a>: mi sono commosso con i ragazzi nello spogliatoio, dopo 4 anni è arrivato il momento di lasciare il Napoli</p>&mdash; Official SSC Napoli (@sscnapoli) <a href="">May 19, 2013</a></blockquote>

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Walter has left Napoli, as expected. Rumors are circling, of course.

Bigger: Milan has confirmed that Massimiliano Allegri will remain.

    Milan, Galliani: "Con Allegri ottimo rapporto: è il nostro allenatore, una certezza"

Everybody do a little dance. (Watching this man lead the league's highest payroll to a Europa League place but for the intervention of some horrific officiating was enough to want Aurelio over him.)

Inter has also confirmed Andrea Stramaccioni. Of course words mean little and both hot seats in Milan could free up by the evening's out, but it's a start. This leaves Roma for Mazzarri or, as has been mentioned earlier today, Anzhi, which can offer more money and better bodyguards and the delightful skyline of Macklemore. Or whatever. He's said he'll take some time to consider all proposals available to him. Delightful.

Franco Baldini has also said that Aurelio is a top choice, but what he didn't say is that what this means is he's the top choice to be assistant kit manager at Tottenham with Franco. Or something.

Silly season's open.