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Roma Rumor Mongering: Nainggolan Makes Nice in Indonesia

Its a slow Sunday, so let's take a look at the weekend's rumors, which include autographed Roma jerseys, a double shot of keepers and some interesting trade offers from the boys in Barca.

Claudio Villa

With a break in the Confederations Cup action and with Rudi Garcia hopefully familiarizing himself with Roma, let's take a look at the weekend's rumors, which may or may not give us a glimpse into the mind of Garcia.

Market Rome, Julio Cesar: "The interest of yellow and red? I have heard the news, it's good"

Julio Cesar, fresh off a victory over Italy, might find his way back to Serie A, after all.

Nainggolan signs an AS Roma jersey in Indonesia
A picture of Nainggolan signing a Roma jersey somewhere in Indonesia. Not the surest sign he'll be playing for Roma next year, maybe he's just really courteous.

Also, on a side note, apparently RomaNews comes in an English version now, but has anyone noticed it's just the same poorly translated version you get with Google? Nevertheless, it'll be beneficial to my poorly syntactically structured Italian skills.

Nainggolan: 'Inter, Roma or Saints?'

More to the point, the Belgian midfielder has supposedly narrowed his choices down to Roma, Inter Milan and Southampton, with the latter reportedly offering him the largest wage, but if Roma can't swing a €15m transfer fee, can Southampton?

Osvaldo rejects Southampton move
Or perhaps Southampton is suddenly flush with cash, reportedly offering €20m for Pablo Osvaldo. Which...umm...yeah, we'd take that

Roma buy Destro outright
Destro is officially 100% Roma's, as Pallotta opened his checkbook to sign over the final €4.5m to Genoa, putting the Destro(yer)'s final price tag at €16m. Not a small fee by Roman standards, so we better hope Mr. Right takes some huge steps forward under Rudi Garcia, because without Osvaldo, the onus for scoring goals on Mattia becomes even greater.

Pjanic to leave AS Roma with € 15 million offer?
If its June, it means we have to deal with people pining for Pjanic. The latest rumor being a €15m offer from Borussia Dortmund. It almost sounds like a terrible cliche at this point, but let's hope that Roma's new manager can make the most out of Pjanic's skill set, which is immense, but has yet to be fully utilized by Roma's various stewards the past two seasons.

But with figures nearly 10 million higher being bandied about last summer, this move would be doubly dumb.

Pjanic to Borussia Dortmund, Marquinhos to Barcelona?
There is obviously no equivocation about Marquinhos' place or utilization in Roma, a point not lost on Europe's footballing 1%ers. This time around, Barcelona is sniffing around Roma's young defender, supposedly offering Alexis Sanchez in exchange for 'Hos. While Sanchez is a great player, what we've seen of Marquinhos is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Rudi Garcia seeks young talents from Lille to AS Roma
As is usually the case with a new manager, he wants to bring along some of his former trustees. Garcia has his eyes on Dimitri Payet, Stephane Ruffier, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and Sebastien Corchia, Sochaux's young fullback. The problem, of course, is that they'll have to fend off the likes of PSG and the newly minted mega spenders in Monaco. Stay tuned. Rudi has a way with young players, so it all depends on how much they enjoyed playing for Garcia, as Roma can't compete financially with PSG and Monaco.

Viviano and Sorrentino: double shot between the posts?
In a bit of good news, Roma has missed out on Rafael, so Walter Sabatini is supposedly lining up Emiliano Viviano and/or Stefano Sorrentino in his stead. Apparently he's not aware of the Mancat.

Inter sells Ranocchia, Rome, Milan and PSG possible destinations
Walter Mazzarri has no use for Andrea Ranocchia, so Roma has been added to the list of possible buyers, joining Milan and PSG in the race for Ranocchia.

These were just a smattering of what's out there now, perhaps things will heat up once the Confederations Cup is over, but at this point, we still have no clue who will be Garcia's first get.

As always, stay tuned.